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Highlights Of 24 MUFON UFO Reports Submitted In Tennessee In 2015

Hello Tennessee... thanks for following whatever link you did today and for still having an inquiring mind. Over the past 2 weeks I've been updating my `state' UFO blogs (you can find more in the sidebar) by searching the MUFON database for events reported within the state within a certain timeframe.... in this case 2015 and Tennessee. What you will see below will be the best of the best and as is often the case includes the recurring themes of UFOs in the early 2000's.

What you won't see, unfortunately, are the many pictures in previous posts that have been systematically removed by MUFON from their own database. That has led to me ONLY using pictures in 2015 that I have backed up by downloading onto my own computer - that said, the original links may very well be temporary as are the linked submitted reports. I say all of that as a heads up (to the weirdness of MUFON BTW).

Like the other states I've been updating - Below you will find the reports loosely gathered into similarish types of UFO phenomena events:

For example - `Triangle' Crafts, and the variations of... for SHAPES... have clearly replaced the `old fashioned' saucer type of phenomena perceptions... in most places. Other common variations include 3 lights without the craft in Triangle formation... or lights down a V shaped craft... almost always silent and often with a feature blinking light...often red.

That's a lot of words to read and look at some anomalous stuff right? Okay... let's begin Tennessee: Oh, ALL of the four submissions with pictures IMO were not worthy of space coverage... as all seemed to be lens flares, etc. A bit strange as other states had worthy pics generally.... and a bit strange in this day of carrying camera phones.
`BLACK' Triangle Crafts
This was a very articulate report - all RED is my emphasis. This report, like many others in other states fits to a degree the new UFO motif:

On April 15, 2015 I was traveling in my car with my boyfriend in Williamson County, TN near the Cool Springs area. After turning from Moores Lane onto Concord Rd traveling N/NW we both observed a gradient grey (dark grey to light grey) triangular craft hovering very low over the tree line. At first we thought it might be an airplane but both noticed it wasn't actually going anywhere. The craft had a light/lights at each corner that were bright, didn't pulsate or blink, but appeared to change from white to yellowish to a bluish color. The craft appeared to be stationary for 20-30 seconds over the trees, not traveling at an angle and wasn't moving in any direction. Suddenly, the craft shot at about a 45 degree angle up and to the left (one straight line). The second before it moved, the whole craft flipped onto its side and the lights were facing us. It traveled the length of two football fields in the blink of an eye. It hovered at its new location for about 10 seconds and disappeared.

While this was happening we were both watching it but not really talking about what we were seeing. We were both calm, didn't feel alarmed, but I remember thinking that a plane that close to the ground in a residential area was dangerous and wondering if the storm rolling in made it fly lower. It was until it flipped from perpendicular to the ground to sideways perpendicular to US and shot upward so fast that he and I questioned each other as to what we were looking at. We still were calm but somewhat nervously laughing that "um, exactly WHAT did that thing just do and did you see that?!" By the time we asked each other it was gone.

The most pronounced fact about this is how clearly we could see it. I could likely draw it. It was not an airplane. The gradience of the color was....odd. And the speed with which it traveled, flipped and then STOPPED in mid air defied anything we had ever seen and the lights quite bright.

There was a large and rather violent storm moving into the area and the craft was not IN the storm but far enough between us and the storm line (storm was at least 4 miles away in the Nolensville Rd/Lenox Village area) where the clouds provided a perfect backdrop to see it. It was too close to us to have flown into any cloud cover because the cloud line consisted of large cumulonimbus off into the distance and clear skies where the craft was. We had a clear view of the sky and did not see the direction in which it disappeared. We didn't lose sight of it in the trees or at any just vanished. We drove around looking for it but couldn't locate it after it disappeared. It was never higher than a 50-75 story building. Afterward we didn't even really talk about it...just went about our way, which now that I write this, seems very odd.

These hovering (silent) objects in local areas are sometimes even seen as hanging jets BTW... the NOT talking about the Shared Anomalous Event is common and indeed strange. The one thing I'd love to know is to clarify the final statement about the `higher than 75 story building' and `very low over the treeline'..... and no description of the sound?

Got a phone call from a friend in Hohenwald that he spotted a UFO over his property headed west. A hovering orb. I went outside and I saw it as well over the treeline. Bright orange/reddish just hovering 20 degrees above the horizon south west of Hohenwald TN, just over the woods. Distance was hard to judge as it was dark. Called my family who live southwest of Hohewald in the woods, they also were able to see the UFO hovering in the sky northerly from their position. Have poor video footage and will share online shortly. Object hovered there for appr. 45 minutes, changing position slightly. Out of nowhere a second orb that was smaller and bright white materializes and swoops up from beneath treeline on the horizon, up towards the other orb, around it but not touching it at all, then back down under the observable shadow of the treeline and is lost from visual. Primary orb hovers floating slowly northwest until it goes beyond view from horizon. Multiple witnesses from three different locations around Hohenwald TN. Not the first sighting in this area but one of the more documented ones. My friend got in his truck to chase the UFO but I could not join him, and haven't heard any new info from him since the incident.

two witnesses, then Sheriff (I assume based on report)

report indicates exactly where to watch it from

variety of experiences including close up

(Knoxville area)

this one is quite a long and interesting read... and yes, this person submitted a video... very Orbish indeed.

And, yes, this MOST bizarre of accounts INCLUDES the now emerging `helicopter' portion of the Orb experience:

Between the hours of 5:00 a.m. And 5:15 a.m.on January 27, 2015. I was working doing my rural paper route in Silerton tn. As I stopped at a stop sign I heard what sounded like a helicopter. This is not unusual. As things get pretty boring on my route I tend to notice things out of the ordinary. I sat for a about two mins awaiting the helicopter as the sounds grew closer. I couldn't find them in the sky so I continued on my route. About 4 miles I traveled when I caught sight of the helicopter over the tree line. I sped up around the corner to see if maybe an accident had happened I initially thought this was a medical helicopter. As I rounded the corner. I could see three obvious military helicopters. I am not an expert on aircraft nor have I served in the military. we have a national guard armory in town so I am well versed in the site of military craft. I figured that's all it was. So I continued working. At approximately 6:15 a.m. I came to a wide open 3 Mile straight away on my route. I always look at the stars at this point on my route. As I looked to the north I noticed something completely Unusual two stars in the sky brighter than Venus. And they appeared to be traveling closer together as they were on opposite sides of the road. Initially I thought it could be a brain matrix as sometimes when you travel stationary objects appear to move, and there were two slight curves in the road. As I got to the straight away I tried to pay better attention to the lights to figure out why they were so bright. My first thought was perhaps they were landing lights of planes. Instantly I knew this was not the case as I see dozens of these every night. My focus went back to determining if they were stationary object or not. They appeared to still be traveling as both object were now in my windshield and I was traveling straight. I came to a complete stop to rule out anything I may be doing to cause these objects to appear to be moving. They continued to head towards one another until they crossed paths. Completely confused on what I was seeing I decided to something and I have no idea why I did this. I use very bright Hid lights colored pink. As this is a very open area and very secluded with little to no population I figured if I could see them perhaps they can see me. I flashed my lights in a distinct order two times fast and a pause for about half a second then flashed a second time. Feeling goofy about it in my own mind. I shifted to drive and was about to continue forward. When on a dime both object stopped without slowing down.
As soon as this happened my heart sank and my face become numb and flush with panic. I froze in place and could not think fast enough what to do next. The object on the right blinked then the object on the left blinked then together they blinked about half a second later. In the exact sequence I flashed my lights in. I immediately sped to the next drive way. I felt as if I needed to hide.
I pulled into a driveway and parked where the trees blocked my view of the object that was on the right. I sat for a few seconds and grabbed my phone I wanted to text my wife and just tell her what was going on I looked at my phone and watched the battery go from 92% to 0 and shut off. I was listening to the radio station 107.7 the Bob and sheri show was on. And the station completely went out. I hit the scan button on my radio and could not pick up a single station. The static in the station began to pulsate in the same sequence I flashed my lights. A minute or two had past at this point and my only thought was to drive home I didn't even finish my route I didn't want to continue north bound and see the objects. As I looked out of my window the object was now hovering just above the trees where I could see it. This felt intentional to me. I sped off southbound trying to get home. I could not see the objects in my rear view mirror. And felt relieved. I was now on a road surrounded by trees on all sides. I noticed at this point it was a very cloudy sky usually the sun would be coming out at this point no stars in the sky. I could now see through the trees as I was driving one object was following me southbound. As I came to another clearing I noticed the object seemed further away but was not traveling away from me but in the same direction I then noticed that the objects were actually stacked on top of each other. And we're flashing what I can only describe as a beam. It appeared to look like when you shine a flashlight in the sky at night when some fog is present. The beam didn't come all the way down to the ground it appeared to only travel a short distance from the objects. They were shinning this light in all directions. I tried to slow down as I slowed the objects slowed. I turned East onto Montezuma Rd. The objects for a moment were behind me I turned off to hwy 100 e heading toward Henderson tn. And the object were now on my right hand side as if they just appeared there. I was becoming more and more scared at this point and decided to take a back road so that I was at least in a more populated area surround by more tree cover. As I turned north bound Wilson school Rd. After about a mile I entered into tree cover I noticed a school bus in front me and felt safer for some reason. As I looked to the sky I could not see the objects any more. I continued on this road for another two miles and turned East on Sanford Rd. As I looked out my window I could see the object again through the trees. Still had no radio stations. I was at almost the exact spot I saw the helicopters earlier and as soon as I noticed where I was at two helicopters flying about 150 feet above the tree lines headed in the direction of the craft. The radio made the static sound again in the same sequence and it popped back on. I could no longer see the craft. I reached down for my phone and pressed the power button and it booted up. Battery was 92% but my clock was in eastern time zone. After about a min changed back to Central time. This was without a doubt the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me. I don't feel comfortable even discussing this with my wife. I'm actually terrified to go back to work tomorrow.

Certainly a wow UFO/Orb experience. Love the time loop(ish) element too.
`Flipped Out' Alien Accounts
In Columbia Tennessee - Weird, dreamlike encounters with variety of Greys as recently as a couple weeks ago. At least IMO.. this person gets the idea of a sliding degree of realness to associate with these events.
strange report without many specifics including location, I tend to not believe this type of account in all honesty - but too good (salacious)  to omit.
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WTH? Antioch Daytime `UFO' - What Is This? - July 20th (Photo)

Recently I saw a similar picture somewhere - could have even been this object... that was shown to be a tethered Casino air balloon advertisement (huge slot in the sky).... so, with that as a caution and obviously if abnormal we should see more reports to MUFON.... right?

I left my dog on the deck while I was inside cooking, as I normally do on beautiful clear sunny days. We are in the flight path of many planes and my dog usually barks at them flying overhead because they get relatively close. All the sudden I hear him barking unusually aggressively. I walked outside and heard no plane sounds, but looked in the direction of my dogs vision and there it was. It was hovering in the SE sky at around 6pm CST and it seemed like the busy sunday plane traffic had halted. It hovered for about 5 mins then gained altitude to above a planes normal cruising altitude. Me and the neighbors saw 3 "propellant glows" behind it in pyramid form that looked somewhat similar to the Space Ship Endeavors. It left towards the Eastern sky only to get smaller and smaller and ultimately looked like a nighttime star (at 6pm), then completely disappeared. I have 5 pictures, but will submit only one. The rest will be submitted upon request.

And, the strange picture:
So, what is it, drone, doctored up balloon, or something anomalous?
IF you like first person UFO reports like the one you see above, then you will want to see Strange State UFO a subreddit I moderate at Reddit.Com.